Choosing A Gate

Choose from straight, arched, or bow tops in various gauges of wrought iron. Pair with a wide selection of railheads all built around your personal specifications. West Coast Iron Works is your local source for long lasting iron and wood gates. We design for both residential and commercial clients. Adapting to each gates landscape and specifications. Each client also can add on any additional hardware such as Gate Opening System, Access Control System, electronics and more.


Residential & Commercial Gates

When you make a decision to install a security gate, West Coast Iron Works brings years of experience to the table, with a large selection of options. We help guide the process for an effective and quality gate. With full automation options you will be able to select what works best for your property.

  • Available in light- to heavy-gauge iron for residential and commercial use
  • Options for Electric or manual operation
  • Available in standard & custom powder coat finish colors
  • Custom ornamental metal, wrought iron fencing & gates

Custom ornamental iron gates provide flexibility in design to fence panels in any pattern that is desired. If you prefer a simplistic look, we have a wide arrange of custom fences that will keep people from trespassing but still fit in your landscape. West Coast Iron Works also provides custom fences with any flourish and special touches that the owner may want. We have produced patterns as well as the ability to design custom labels with our CAD software. Uses such as family crest, logos, names, and more.

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