After your gate is installed, we are available for regular or emergency repair and preventive maintenance. With our experience, we know what work needs to be done to maintain your gate working perfectly. We guarantee all our work so that if you have any issues, we can respond quickly. Any major components are generally under warranty from the manufacturer and can be replaced within the warranty period.

Custom Gate Installation

In most cases, a custom or electric driveway gate can be installed in one day, and often a few hours depending on the size and style of the project. Our techs will come to your home or commercial estate by appointment to view the area where the custom gate installation will occur. Your property may be suited for a certain kind of gate and we will suggest what works best. It needs to be an informed decision for the longevity of your gate and how it best fits your needs.


Helpful Tips for Finding Your New Gate

You will find a wide variety of options available when searching for a new driveway or business entry way gate. We have outlined those options to help you formulate an idea to what type of gate is best suited for your needs, and examine the various search factors, including:

  • Material Options
  • Gate Types
  • Additional Features
  • Property Value Impact
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